the twins turned Three!

Chapman and Leela Mae turned three last October. As you can see I am very late to blogging game. Only about a year off. The twins LOVE Mickey and the Roaster Racers and we thought it would be fitting to celebrate at Tiny Towne in Norcross. Perfect venue for a boy who loves cars and a girl who loves her friends and games. All of the attendees also wore their favorite Mickey Mouse gear! What a fun day!

Artist and Emoji 7th Birthday Party 👩🏼‍🎨

My daughter turned seven last fall. I always try to incorporate all the things that my kids like into one birthday party. I think it sums up their year! Her words were exactly, “I want a sleepover and I want to paint emoji faces and rainbows.” Done and done. We made rainbow art, painted and created emoji faces, decorated cupcakes and had a sleepover. Perfect way to celebrate turning seven!!

xo - Megan